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6 Month Europe Tour

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The Challenge

PPT were approached by Matt Dawkings looking for a power system on-board a Mercedes sprinter for a 6 month adventure around Europe. Hailing from New Zealand, our client was confident in their conversion abilities, but wanted our advice and expertise to ensure their electrical system  was something they could rely on.

Our Solution

The task was to create the most comfortable home to live in off grid, and with this came a variety of loads that needed to be powered. We had to curate a system that would be able to support a;

  • Dometic Fridge
  • Gas Cooker
  • Maxxair roof fan,
  • Camera battery recharging,
  • Water pump,
  • 8x lights,
  • Laptop and mobile charging.

All of which would be used at least once per day. Since the fridge was a DC load and the cooker relied on Gas there was only a few loads we had to factor running at the same time. From our calculations this meant that we only needed to provide a suitable sized inverter of around 1000W continuous.

We went with a Cotek SC1200 an Inverter-Charger that was not only compact but powerful. This would easily be able to run all the AC loads that Matt needed, as well as charge up his batteries whenever they can connect to grid. To boost this charging we opted for a 40A MPPT solar controller to ensure that a large amount of solar can be utilised while on their sunny trip round Europe.


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