Lithium 12.8V High Energy Batteries

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Lightweight, high energy density 12.8V Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries to replace lead acid deep cycle batteries. High usable watt hour performance, fast recharging times with a a long and stable life time makes these batteries the first choice for the more demanding user or where space and weight are at a premium.

PPT distribute Lithium batteries from World leading manufacturers Relion and Super B



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Relion LiFePO4 100Ah (RB100)

£999.98 - In Stock

12.8V LiFePO4 battery for the more demanding user, superior watt hour performance and life span.
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Super B Epsilon LiFePO4 90Ah Battery

£1,500.00 - In Stock

12.9V LiFePO4 battery, designed and produced in Europe to provide power anywhere, anytime
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